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  • How does the machine work?
    A very powerful laser beam is directed at a precise focal length onto a variety of materials. Depending on the speed and power set, the laser beam will either remove the surface of the material or cut through it.
  • What materials can be cut or engraved?
    Our laser can engrave/cut a wide variety of materials. You will be able to cut through pieces of acrylic, plastic, or wood and blast through stone surfaces like brick or granite without any size or weight restrictions. It is also great for personalized tumblers or glasses. Click here to learn more about materials we can engrave or cut.
  • Can I place a bulk order of items?
    Yes, please email We would love to help out with company functions, weddings & events, or anything that you would like!
  • How long does it take an item to ship?
    5-7 Business Days
  • Can I bring you my own items to be engraved?
    Yes, absolutely! If you are local, we encourage you to stop by with any item you're thinking about engraving and we would be happy to help. Click here to learn more about the materials we can engrave.
  • Do I purchase products through Lazer Engraving Specialists?
    Yes! You have the option to bring in your own item to be engraved (click here to view approved materials list) or you can purchase our products to be engraved in our store or on our website.


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